Monday, March 23, 2009

Big Quiz!

Review Quiz

Spring 2009


Dr. Walker

Delete all unnecessary words in the following sentences. Avoid rewriting.

1. The car will cost the sum of $250 to fix.

2. With the governor’s signature, the new law takes effect today.

3. We got a lesson in past history from the anthropology professor.

4. A young, 11-year-old boy was injured today in an accident.

5. The police have no suspects at this point in time.

Rewrite the following sentences to make them more precise. Remember: Inanimate objects cannot do the same things people can do.

6. Smaller grocery stores usually know their customers.

7. After paying a $225 fine, the dog was free to go home with its owner.

8. A car stopped to help the accident victims, then called the police.

9. After robbing the convenience store, a waiting vehicle sped east on Northrup Road.

10. American University canceled classes again Wednesday.

Punctuate the following sentences and/or correct any grammatical mistakes. There may be more than one mistake in a sentence, and some sentences may be correct.

11. Goldie Hawn a 50-year-old actress says she has trouble finding work.

12. “If they close school for Christmas, they should close it for Yom Kippur” said Jean Rosenburg a senior.

13. Ann McLaughlin a sophomore from Long Island wants to be a television reporter.

13. The school’s who have the best sports teams are the most popular.

14. My roommate, her sister and me spent the weekend in New York.

15. The woman that called Diane Rehm's radio show told about the accident.

16. In Prince George's County, everyone must recycle their cans and bottles.

17. Nobody in my journalism class is as smart as me.

18. The number of students at American University are increasing.

19. We live next door to the Peterson's.

20. The fate of three students remain in doubt.

21. The Olympic committee were debating Harding's fate.

22. Each student is responsible for getting their paper in by Monday.

23. The D.C. jury reached their verdict in record time.

24. A cat will chase it’s prey if it’s allowed outside.

Correct the following sentences. You may rearrange sentences as necessary.

25. “I love the independence and freedom I find here. I love being my own boss,” says Delrine Alvis, a 42-year-old immigrant from Sri Lanka.

26. Lorraine Hamilton, 38, feels she would have divorced her husband even in her native Bangladesh.

27. Researcher Lisa Chung isn’t surprised by women who refuse to date people outside their native cultures.

28. Fatima Dias, a Sri Lankan, says he is not looking for an American mate. “Dating someone not of your own culture is a disadvantage. Their values and upbringing are different.”

“You have to pick what’s good for you, like buying a skirt. Skirts come in different lengths. You pick the length that suits you best.”

29. Bangladesh native Lorraine Hamilton says life would have been less stressful if she had stayed home. “I would have had my family to help me raise my son and also give me the emotional support I need.”

Paraphrase the following quote, using one sentence only.

30. “I think the media have gone out of their minds with their coverage of this trial because all we ever see on TV anymore is Simpson, Simpson, Simpson. Enough is enough, already. I’ve had it with the Simpson trial. It’s on all the time,” says Maggie Wilson, a senior chemistry major.

Critically evaluate the following news leads. Do not rewrite; just explain their flaws and suggest how they could be improved.

31. Two 7-year-old girls suffocate in unused freezer during game of hide-and-seek at friend’s birthday party.

32. Police Officer Rhoda Brey shot and seriously wounded Robert R. Chuey, 25, of 624 Church St., who fled from the scene of a robbery, then fired at the officer during a foot chase in an alley in the 1600 block of N. 35th St. early this morning.

33. A pollster who spoke to political scientists today began by welcoming them to the city.

34. The Department of Health and Human Services issued a report on alcoholism today.

35. Health care for the poor is substandard in this country, according to medical experts who met at an AMA conference here. They said Vertical Integration Systems will help reverse that trend.

Write a summary news lead that follows the guidelines we have learned in class. Write the lead and then explain how you would construct the second and third paragraphs.(5 points)


a. Yountville is a town of around 3,000 45 minutes north of San Francisco.

b. There’s a not air balloon company in this town.

c. Around 6 a.m., the company was filling 40-gallon portable tanks from a 3,000-gallon tank.

d. One of the 40-gallon tanks exploded as it was being filled.

e. A dozen other 40-gallon tanks exploded.

f. The 3,000-gallon tank was threatened by flames. But a relief valve opened, keeping it from exploding.

g. Several other tanks, one 50,000 gallons, another 10,000 gallons, were also threatened.

h. The town was ordered evacuated by firefighters, who were worried that the larger tanks would explode. They didn’t.

i. No one was killed. One man was injured, hospitalized in stable condition.

j. Yountville is in the Napa Valley.

k. Hot air balloons are inflated by hot air warmed by propane gas burners.

36. An important aspect of covering local government is reporting on:

a. the mayor’s infidelities

b. the city social scene

c. arrests of council members

d. city council meetings

37. According to the reading, many cities have a governing structure that includes the mayor and city council, as well as a:

a. political machine

b. meddling first lady

c. city manager

c. none of the above

38. In the city council story lead in your reading, what elements are missing from the lead, and rightly so? (Tempe is getting most of the noise pollution and too little of the benefits from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, a consultant told the City Council Thursday.)

a. that there was a meeting

b. the name of the consultant

c. the building where the meeting was held

d. the fact that items were “discussed”

e. none of the above

f. all of the above

39. Read the item: “The Reporter’s Preparation” on p. 318 of the Chapter Twenty handout, and write a sentence about what is most important in these four paragraphs.

40. Read the item: “After the Meeting” on p. 320 and summarize in one sentence here:

41. On p. 330, is a section called Working with PIOs. List the three tips on how to do this well that you find most important (not the first three in consecutive order).

42. An important rule in broadcast writing is to write as though you were:

a. imitating Edward R. Murrow

b. talking to a friend

c. trying out for the anchor job

43. Style rules for broadcast writing mainly focus on:

a. hair

b. makeup

c. making numbers and names easy to pronounce for the reader

d. strict adherence to the stylebook

44. Radio is all about sound bites. Television is all about:

a. talking heads

b. sensationalism

c. “happy talk”

d. visuals

45. List and briefly describe five items on the basic checklist and essential tips for effective broadcast journalism that you find most important.

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