Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rubric for final project

Final project rubric

Reporting – Dr. Walker – Spring 2009

20 points – Your contribution to the overall project meets the general criteria in the list of possible projects, or is the equivalent in terms of work/effort (Generally, this means your part includes writing, research and/or finished visuals such as a cut video or narrated slideshow.)

20 points – You use proper journalistic writing techniques for headlines, blurbs, news summaries and sidebars/interviews

15 points – You and your group have an overall conception of the package that hangs together well and presents the information in the most effective and creative way

15 points – You include original material in each aspect of your project, including original photos/videos/interviews

10 points – You include a half page description of your contribution and a sentence or two on the group, and you grade yourself and the group

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