Saturday, January 24, 2009

First rough draft grading rubric

Here is the rubric for the rough draft I am currently grading (percentages are attached to the elements of the directions that you had before the story):
Word count minimum, 10 percent
Included multimedia aspect (photos and/or video OR Twitter feed), 30 percent
Quote three people and fully identify them, 10 percent
Include background and context, 5 percent
Found trends that told a story, 10 percent
Did not write in first person or include opinion, including summing up at end, 15 percent
General writing/usage/style, 20 percent
I am enjoying your stories! I will have comments for you when you come see me so that you can ready your rough draft, which is due Wednesday at noon. (If you are not able to talk with me before then, we can discuss the deadline.)
As a reminder on deadlines, the official rough draft is due to me via e-mail by Wednesday at noon (unless we couldn't schedule a meeting). Your half page name/background of a person to profile is due in class Thursday.
I apologize for diverting from the syllabus so early. I'll adjust and amend the syllabus once we get through next week.
A happy weekend to all!

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