Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Post-inauguration class tomorrow!!!!!

Hello Everyone,
I hope everybody survived Inauguration Day and got lots of great stories!
For tomorrow, please bring in a rough draft of your story ready to hand in. If your focus changed slightly from your original idea, no problem. This happens in the real world.
Also bring in a digital version, so we can work on it in class. Bring your notes -- hand-written, whatever, doesn't matter. We'll do a workshop after a brief discussion of the reading, which is the rest of the packet handout.
ALSO, please bring in a printout of your tweets on Twitter and/or photos that you took for the Eagle. The photos can be printed in black and white on regular paper. If you submitted video, please turn in a piece of paper with either the Youtube url or another way that I can see it (and your name, of course).
YOU MUST BRING ALL THIS TO CLASS tomorrow in order to get credit for your work. This is your first major graded assignment and I will be grading for your ability to follow instructions. The instructions for the story are on the class blog and on Blackboard. This is your chance to demonstrate that you are a self-starter with the determination needed for journalism! (Talent is much less important, especially at this stage of the game!)
I will grade this rough draft but you will get a chance to improve it in the rewrite.
Heads up: No class on Monday to give you time to polish (see syllabus). I will be available via e-mail for personal, one-on-one help with your final story.
See you tomorrow!
Professor Walker

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