Thursday, January 22, 2009

Not Again!!!!!

Quiz 2 - Reporting – Dr. Walker – Spring 09
1. Name two ways audiences have changed in the last 20 years.

2. Who predicted the media glut more than 25 years ago?
a. Walter Cronkite b. Marshall McLuhan c. Stephen Colbert d. Wendell Cochran

3. What has the result of all these changes in media been on mainstream or traditional news media?

4. What are the three steps to having success with audiences?

5. Why is the lead of an article so important?

6. Ranking your information in order of importance is one way to start crafting a lead. T / F

7. What are the six news elements?

8. Name five news values

9. Most journalists go by one or two rules in writing leads because sticking to a formula leads to success. T / F

10. This type of lead is over-used and often is an easy way out for writers.
A. Summary lead
B. Anecdotal lead
C. Question lead


Who swore in Barack Obama, flubbing a line and causing the new president to later re-do taking the oath of office?

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