Thursday, January 15, 2009

Quiz, Egads!

Quiz 1 (You may refer to your readings)
Your name: _______________________
1. The writer in the article has a common problem. What is he afraid of?

2. Why does this bother him on a deeper level concerning journalism?

3. Do you agree with the advice given? Why or why not?

4. Chapter 1 in Reaching Audiences describes Evelyn Hsu’s typical morning dealing with incoming information. Why is this relevant to a discussion of journalism writing?

5. According to the chapter, new technology and digital developments have made writing unnecessary and obsolete. T / F

6. Good writers are born, not made. T / F

7. List the five questions a media writer must be able to answer before writing begins:

8. List the seven stages of the writing process:

9. As a writer, who should get your utmost consideration when you write (and whom should you have the most sympathy for)?

10. Who faced confirmation hearings this week as Barack Obama’s choice for secretary of state?

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