Monday, January 12, 2009

Homework - already?!!

Hello Everyone. Thank you for expressing your hopes and trepidations about Reporting! We'll have a great semester learning how to think like journalists, work like journalists and write like journalists.
Deadline alert: By Wednesday at noon, please e-mail me your url for your blog containing your 300-word profile of yourself, including an anecdote that will tell us who you are. Also, be sure to include at least one direct quote from a friend that says something fundamental about you. Also, add a photo (or short video). Remember, your audience is a general one. The goal: We will know you better as a person -- not just your stats -- after we read it.

ALSO, please read the short article, "I love journalism but I hate asking uncomfortable questions" (, and the first chapter in "Reaching Audiences: A Guide to Media Writing," both of which I handed out in class. There will be a short quiz on these.

AND, please think about how you would like to contribute to coverage of the Obama inauguration. The Eagle will need photos and video for its blog. At the very least, you can do an interview story for your own blog. Try to think of angles that interest you, other than general student reaction. Will you be going to the inauguration? You can document that. Are there issues that Obama has made an important part of his platform that interest you? Could you research that and write about what he might say about that in his inaugural address? Are there interest groups on campus that will be watching the speech, and can you get their reaction? Is anyone you know going to any of the balls? Think about a specific idea that you can accomplish.

See you Thursday!
Professor Walker

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