Thursday, January 29, 2009

For Monday

Please do about a page (single spaced) reaction to the handout on profile stories. Tell me what elements of these story examples worked well. How did the writers use description, quotes, detail and facts effectively? What news values are there? After reading the profile, do you feel you know the person and why? Do the writers follow the criteria listed in the handout? You should critique at least two stories - about two different people.

Also, schedule an interview with your subject for your profile story and another person who knows him or her. Turn in on a half sheet of paper the time and place for your interviews and your list of potential questions.

Remember, next class we will have a short presentation on what's happening in journalism and media, and we will have a quiz on current events and the AP style rules on the blog.

I will also have a new calendar section for the syllabus with correct deadlines in place. These went haywire immediately due to the inauguration story.

I will work hard to return your inauguration stories with comments over the weekend.

A good and productive weekend to all! I liked your leads about me!
Professor Walker

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