Monday, February 9, 2009

Homework/assignment updates

The profile FIRST DRAFTS are now due to me via e-mail by noon on Friday.
For Thursday, please watch the Obama press conference tonight. In a half page, single-spaced, tell me who asked the most effective questions and how you could tell this was a MEDIA EVENT. Read the main story about the press conference in The Washington Post tomorrow morning. Analyze the coverage. What did the Post pick out as the most newsworthy topic? (Bet we can guess that one.) What was the angle? What type of lead did the Post use? Do you agree with their approach? Note the story structure. Did it have an attention-grabbing lead, a second graf that builds and expands on that, good quotes/background/context, etc.
On Thursday, we'll have guest speaker Emily Freifeld of She'll tell us what it's like out there -- in the big, bad real world of new media!

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