Monday, February 23, 2009

Quiz – Oh dear, it’s been awhile!

Name: ______________________

1. Name the four basic tenets of the SPJ Code of Ethics.

2. According to the reading, the American Society of Newspaper Editors began a five-year campaign in the late 1990s to find out how the public really felt about journalism. Participants were pleasantly surprised to find that most people thought journalists were doing a good job. T / F

3. One issue that ASNE researchers found out was that reporters can act ethically and within journalistic guidelines but the public may still find what they did objectionable. T / F

4. Who won the 2009 Oscar for best male actor?

5. President Obama this week will carry on a tradition of new presidents in delivering his first speech to __________________?

Correct the following for spelling and style (there could be more than one error):

6. The first meeting of the committee will be at 2:00 P.M. on Sun., January 26th.

7. Boston, MA, is the home of Old North Church.

8. The city counsel will meet at 3 p.m., Fr., November 7.

9. There were more than sixty persons waiting in line.

10. First National Bank has lowered its prime interest rate to 10 per cent.

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