Monday, February 2, 2009

New deadlines - already!

I have decided to change the deadline for the rough draft of your profile story to next Wednesday, Feb. 11, at noon to give you enough time to schedule interviews.
I'll try to give a quick turnaround on feedback so we don't get bogged down.
Based on your feedback, it seems many of you also want to learn more at this stage about interviewing, so we will do that next class.
There will be no quiz next class on your reading packet handout on covering speeches. (A couple of you left without picking yours up.)There may still be a quiz on style/news.
The profile story needs to be about 1,000 words, which I don't think I had specified before.
It also needs a "sound bite" from your subject, which is a short video clip of the person saying something short and pithy. This should go on your blog along with the final version of your story.
For homework this Thursday, then, you will be diving into your profile interviews and stories. Bring your questions about the process to class!
Your final inauguration stories are still due on your blogs by noon on Wednesday (Feb. 4).
I hope everyone is happy with the new deadline but does not feel it is too lax. I don't want to hurt you (!) but I also want you to try to work as if you are in the real world. I think this is fair since you have other interviews to schedule besides your main one.

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