Thursday, February 5, 2009

Using video for your profiles

Jaclyn and I had a good conversation after class today about ways to use video for your profile stories. Too bad it wasn't in class! But the major point was that you don't have to videotape your entire interview. It's, of course, a good idea to record the interview; you can use your videocamera for the purpose of recording it for your records and writing purposes (you can even just use the audio), but for your "sound bite," you can do that at the end of the interview. In other words, you could talk to your subject, have a great interview and then at the end ask if you might do a quick question on video, which is a requirement for the article (from your demanding professor!). This will give you an advantage because you can then go back and focus on a really interesting part of the interview and have the person elaborate on that. Your subject will most likely come up with something new and interesting to say that you can use in your story. Good luck!

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