Monday, February 9, 2009

Quiz - Oh No!

Quiz – Style/Reading/News - 2/9/09

Name: _______________________________

1. (Correct for style.) Senator Edward Kennedy (D.-Massachusetts) introduced the bill.

2. (Correct for style.) The Eighth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the case did not involve the 1st Amendment.

3. (Correct for style.) Sven Swennson, twenty-nine, of Hays, Kansas was indicted.

4. President Obama, in an action directly related to today’s class topic, will ______________________________ tonight.

5. Name one winner of a Grammy award last night. ________________________

6. Reporting a speech story is one of the easiest jobs of journalism because there is little need for background information or context. T / F

7. The presidential press conference is the “granddaddy” of press conferences and is a media event in and of itself. T / F

8. The top news of the morning is the continued wrangling on Capitol Hill over the Obama-supported:
a. planned pullout from Iraq
b. closing of the Guantanamo prison facility
c. economic stimulus package
e. automaker bailout plan

9. In writing a story about a speech or press conference, reporters always look for:
a. ways to play up the gaffes of those speaking
b. ways to make the speakers look bad
c. body language that says the speaker is lying
d. the most newsworthy points and responses

10. Speech and news conference stories generally follow the same guidelines as most other stories, including an attention-grabbing lead (usually a summary lead), a second paragraph (nut graf) that backs up the lead and expands on it, a third paragraph with a great quote or two, etc.
T / F

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