Sunday, February 8, 2009

Profile guidelines redux

A link to the profile guidelines already on the blog. The rubric:
--20 points, your subject meets the guidelines and is compelling
--10 points, you quote the right number of people as stated in the guidelines
--20 points, your writing overall is in journalistic style with an attention-grabbing lead, transitions and great use of quotes, background and description
--10 points - no factual errors
--5 points -- no wordiness or unnecessary/boring info
--10 points -- your story is publishable with minor editing
--5 points -- style/usage/grammar errors
--10 points -- you include necessary background info and stats
--10 points -- you include the "profile story" elements in the class handout

Have the rubric, the profile handout and my rules to write by at the ready when you sit down to write!

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